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March 18, 2011

Audiovisual Performance 聲影演出
Ryoichi Kurokawa 黑川良一 (Japan) // Nerve + npool (HK)

Thursday, March 17 at 8:00pm – March 18 at 9:30pm

香港兆基創意書院多媒體劇場 Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

17-18.03.2011 (Thu-Fri) 8pm
Multi-media Theatre, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity

Flux, is the state of everything at every moment.
Images are our memories of the reality, yet audiovisual synthesis
A concert, also a journey for exceptional experience of digital sound and light.
Artists of two places, sensing the same fluid time-space,
yet transformed into two different poetic forms of performance.


* * *

Ryoichi Kurokawa

Three dimensional pixel sculptures are the result of Ryoichi Kurokawa’s audiovisual synthesis. Kurokawa destructs and reconstructs architectonic and organic abstractions with precision, coercing a complete surrendering of the senses. Minimal, yet chaotic conflux of visual and auditory perception merges into an experience of memory and ambiguity where virtual and actual images are no longer distinguishable. Kurokawa uses what he calls “audiovisual organ” to compose spatial-time sculptures out of digitally generated material, formed from analogue field recordings. Abstract sound and imageries are precisely synchronized and juxtaposed, asserting a form of glitch minimalism re-assembled into complex and highly rhythmic audio-visual landscapes.

Ryoichi Kurokawa
Born in 1978 in Osaka, Japan. Ryoichi is an audiovisual artist, and his work takes on multiple forms: projections, recordings, installation and live performance. In recent years, his works are shown at international festivals and museums including Tate Modern [UK], Transmediale [DE], Shanghai eArts [CN], and Sonar Festival [ES]. In 2010, he was awarded the Golden Nica at Prix Ars Electronica in the Digital Musics & Sound Art category.

Nerve + npool [HK]

Nerve digitally synthesized environmental sound as the four seasons, and modulate the representational sound into music as the three intervals in between. npool turns the theatre into a site for visualizing networks of co-beings, and rejoice with the sound as one. While prompting associations and reconnecting memories of seasons, they also lead audience to another perspective of the reality. This is a journey traveling through the layers of invisibles.

Collaboration between sound and visuals, never aimed at describing the same scenery, nor it was generated from one by another. Only by summoning them up, the whole landscape can finally be seen.

Nerve is an alias of Steve Hui for presenting music. Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts with a Master Degree in Composition and Electronic Music, Hui is a member of experimental electronic music group VSOP. His creative work has been presented at various festivals including: Hong Kong Arts Festival, New Vision Arts Festival and Creative Cities (Hong Kong in London). His first orchestral work Re-Autumn was commissioned by the Hong Kong Sinfonietta. In 2010, he was commissioned by Zuni Icosahedron to compose his first opera The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci.

npool has been a tag following the name of Jamsen Law for more than a decade. Born and grow up in Hong Kong, Jamsen’s artistic interests and explorations span from video to theatre and installation arts. Jamsen’s screen-based media artworks have been widely exhibited in Asia, Europe and Americas. In recent years, he has started curating media arts related exhibitions, artist-in-residence and collaborative projects. Jamsen is now teaching at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

“RHEO” – 黑川良一

1978年出生於日本大阪。他的創作結合聲音與影像,以不同形式呈現,包括放映、錄音、裝置及現場表演。作品近年獲廣泛關注,並於多個國際藝術節及美術館展出,包括英國倫敦泰特現代美術館、德國柏林Transmediale媒體藝術展、中國上海國際電子藝術節、西班牙Sonar音樂節等。於2010年,黑川更獲Prix Ars Electronica電子藝術大奬 (電子音樂及聲音藝術界別) 的年度金獎。

“SOLSTICE TO SOLSTICE” – Nerve + npool
Nerve (許敖山發表音樂的代號) 與 npool (羅琛堡的創作別名) 的合作作品《Solstice to Solstice》,是聲音與影像,也是時間與空間、感應與記憶。時間流逝,看不見亦聽不到,唯有透過周遭景物的律動,時空感官方可連成一體。這是一次從無形色相交織而成的聲影旅程。

Nerve 以電子合成音色模擬大自然聲響,引發對季節的共鳴,然而四季並非主角,過渡期才是焦點所在。四段複合的聲景,三段過渡的變奏,是具象通往意象的連綿交替。npool 把劇場轉化成物像相連的樞杻,讓景物、時空與聲音接合。聲音與影像,不以任何一方衍生對方,卻是平衡共生,唯有兩者相加,才是一遍完整的風景。

Nerve (許敖山 Steve Hui)
香港演藝學院音樂碩士(作曲及電子音樂),實驗電子音樂組合VSOP成員。其作品曾於多個藝術節演出,包括香港藝術節、新視野藝術節及創意都市 – 倫敦。2004年由香港小交響樂團委約創作管弦樂作品《四季》及2010年由進念二十面體委約創作多媒體歌劇《利瑪竇的記憶宮殿》。

npool (羅琛堡 Jamsen Law)

* * *

Hearing your body, Seeing my voice

It is not just about sound and visual, but perception of time-space.
How senses intertwine and interact with what we see and hear?
How would our experience differ with the different composition of audio and visual?
Let’s explore together with us!


Instructor導師: nerve (Steve Hui許敖山) + npool (Jamsen Law羅琛堡)
Date & Time 日期及時間: 12.3.2011 (Sat), 3pm – 5pm
Conducted in Cantonese 粵語主講
Fee費用: HK$50

Participant have to bring along a music score (in CD or computer file), and a video clip (in DVD or computer file) of any length for the workshop.
每位學員必需自備一首音樂 (CD 或電腦檔案) 及一段錄像 (DVD 或電腦檔案),長度不限。

* * *
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